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Condominium Management

As the popularity of condominium developments and conversions has risen over the past two decades, McCarter Grespan has ensured we have a dedicated and highly-skilled team that can address the most significant and challenging legal needs facing condominium corporations and owners.

Our team has developed adaptable solutions to address corporate governance issues that can be daunting to condominium corporations. These include providing legal opinions and guidance on all aspects of condominium law, as well as preparing and amending declarations, by-laws and rules. We also assist with preparing, negotiating and reviewing the wide array of contracts involved in the management of a condominium property, such as shared facility agreements, common element modifications, utilities and telecommunications and on site services. (Superintendents, security, landscaping, cleaning, etc.)

McCarter Grespan also serves our client base when the need for dispute resolution arises by guiding management and owners through any negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation that may be required. We also assist with the process of enforcing the Condominium Act, Human Rights Code and other relevant legislation, common expense liens and powers of sale, construction deficiencies and Tarion warranty claims.

Our Condominium Management Team

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