Condominium Law

With decades of experience delivering condominium development and condominium management legal services, our team has the unique skills and expertise needed to understand and leverage the complex elements of any condominium issue.

Condominium Development:

We work with our developer clients to facilitate each step of the development process. Our development services include:

  • Property acquisition
  • Financing
  • Site plan approval
  • Disclosure packages and purchase agreements
  • Draft plan approval
  • Condominium registration
  • Sales to purchasers
  • Condominium turnovers

Working in collaboration with a developer’s professional team – which may include engineers, planners, surveyors, and other specialized consultants as required – we deliver timely, quality solutions to the challenges faced by our clients.

Condominium Management:

Our team works with condominium corporations and unit owners to identify and resolve condominium governance, enforcement, and litigation issues. Issues with which we assist our management clients include:

  • Advising Boards on their duties as directors
  • Preparing and amending declarations, bylaws, and rules
  • Attending owners’ meetings and AGMs
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts
  • Assistant our clients to understand and keep up-to-date on changes to condominium legislation

We advocate for clients in negotiations, mediations, arbitration, and other litigation matters that may arise, and assist with the enforcement of all condominium-related legislation including compliance orders, liens, and powers of sale.