Business Succession and Estate Planning

Business succession planning is a process that takes commitment, in-depth analysis and candid discussion. In order to ensure that the wealth and equity that you, as a business owner, have spent your career building continues to be protected, you require a comprehensive and customized succession and estate plan that addresses your specific priorities.

At McCarter Grespan, we work with business owners to develop a sound plan for transitioning their businesses to the next generation or a third party. Our expertise in this field means we identify options and detail the implications of each so you can make an informed choice. Our business succession and estate planning lawyers draw upon their own legal knowledge and considerable experience as well as the resources of our Firm’s network of accounting, insurance, financial planning and taxation specialists to ensure that all possibilities are carefully considered and your​ goals identified and met.

We recognize the sensitive nature of decisions that impact the future of a business. Our lawyers are sensitive to striking a careful balance between personal, family, business and financial issues. They understand that the best solution isn’t always solely about profits.