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McCarter Grespan and Covid-19

| Jul 27, 2020

McCarter Grespan is committed to making every effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and to ensure clients and visitors to our office are protected as much as possible. To do our part in reducing the risk of any spread of Covid-19, we have implemented many protocols. Among them:

  • Whenever possible, we are seeking to conduct meetings and the exchange of documents without in-person exchanges. These include the increased use of telephone calls, video meetings, secure document signing services, etc.
  • Our office is open for business, however we request that visitors work with our lawyers and staff to verify if and when their physical presence is needed and the specifics of the timing of any visit.
  • Visitors to our office are requested to wear a mask when entering the building. McCarter Grespan personnel will also wear masks for any in-person meetings. For protection, all surfaces in meeting areas and board rooms are cleaned after each use.

Finally, let’s all continue to be safe and work together on managing risks and following guidance on controlling the spread of Covid-19.

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