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Covid-19 Update

| Mar 20, 2020

We recognize that the situation regarding Coronavirus continues to evolve and more facilities are closing to prevent the spread. At MGBW we are committed to making all efforts to provide a safe and healthy work environment. To do our part in controlling spread of the virus, we are increasing our efforts to limit contact both to our clients and to our staff. Here are the steps we are taking to prevent the spread:

  • The office will be closed for a minimum of two weeks to outside traffic. During this time we will be working with a skeleton staff. The situation will be reassessed on March 31.
  • Any transactions that must be processed will be completed remotely. 
  • As much as possible, our firm members will work from home for the next two weeks. They will be accessible as required and will remain available for communication during business hours.

Finally, let’s all be safe and we will get through this. We are committed to our employees and our clients and we want nothing but the best for you and yours.

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