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Our Lawyers

At McCarter Grespan our focus is on assisting our clients' business objectives.

We understand business is about taking risks and strive to provide our clients with practical resolution-oriented legal advice to overcome those risks and achieve business goals.

From its beginning McCarter Grespan has been a "boutique" firm -- one that restricts itself to business law. This focus has enabled us to establish a depth of knowledge in distinct areas of law and to effectively deal with increasingly complex legal and business issues.

In addition to our focused approach on business law, we have developed a wide range of contacts in other areas of law both locally and internationally so that we can refer our clients to the very best legal practitioners in any situation beyond our area of practice. This provides McCarter Grespan with a "virtual" firm of hundreds of top lawyers without "big firm" overhead costs and allows us to choose the right lawyer for the job.

McCarter Grespan has a reputation for quality, creativity and teamwork and the wealth of experience we've developed enables us to go beyond standard legal services to become a valued business resource to our clients.